Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!


Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!

0 4 Deserts with the Weirdest Panoramic View in the World!

It is not always arid atmosphere can a traveler sees when traveling to a desert. Some areas in this world has a desert with a strange sight. Want to know what? See the surface of the wavy yellow sand blowing in the wind, may have often. But what if the desert is in the snow, have seven colors, or composed of salt? This is just incredible.

According to the version TravelOc, 4 desert has the most powerful and magical sights in the world:

1. Chihuahuan Desert, Mexico
Hundreds of giant crystals with a height of about 12 meters does not exist on the surface. However, these crystals flourish under Chihuahuan Desert located in the Naica Mine, Mexico, Central America.
 Chihuahuan Desert,chihuahuan,chihuahuan desert mexico

Collection of giant crystals are now known as the Giant Crystal Cave. As described in the official website of The Giant Crystal Project Site, under the desert there are about 170 crystals as high as 1 to 2 meters.

Like a barren desert and arid, the inside is also very hot. Temperatures below the Chihuahuan Desert can reach 60 degrees Celsius with a humidity level of 90-100 percent.

2. Chara Sands, Russia
Discard your assumptions are thinking that surely arid and hot desert, when viewing Chara Sands. How not, desert in the Trans-Baikal region, Siberia Mountains, Russia is in the mountains of snow.

Interestingly, not only was the brown desert around it also there was a layer of super snow white. Desert oasis or a rock may be used. But the snow and the desert only in Chara Sands.
chara sands,chara sands russia

This is what makes Chara Sands has a super unique panorama. There will be no camel, you will only see the Siberian bear, or elk. In winter, there will be more snow cover Chara Sands. But, during the summer, the snow is somewhat reduced and the desert is more subtle look.

Sometimes, the desert is also covered with snow, especially during the winter greeting. However, the snow never stand too long in there. Finished winter, desert again became fascinated with anomalies and ready to satisfy the curiosity of the tourists.

3. Seven Colored Earth Desert, Africa
Then usually when traveling into the desert only see shades of brown or white, another when you come to Charamel village, in the district of Black River, Mauritius Island, east Africa.

Approximately 7,500 square meters sprawling sand and sparkling with a variety of different colors. There are sand colored red, brown, purple, green, blue, yellow, and orange are combined into one. This scene also managed to create a magical landscape that blends into one.
seven colored earth,seven colored earth desert,seven colored earth africa

According to the story, the buildup of sand that had been years since this may cause the color formed from volcanic rock fragments colorful mixed with various minerals contained in the soil.

Seven Colored Earth is almost always filled with tourists domestic and foreign. In fact, once the tourists are allowed to step on and climb these dunes. But unfortunately, at this time the desert is bounded wooden fences, so the traveler can not enter.

4. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
If the desert is usually synonymous with sand, another case with the desert in Bolivia which is entirely in the form of salt. Salar de Uyuni, a destination near the Andes Mountains, is the largest salt desert in the world.

As reported by the Lonely Planet website, the uniqueness of this place is already known to the foreign tourists. Travelers who stop and come to the site can enjoy views of the sea salt was even its hotel made ​​of salt.
salar de uyuni,salar de uyuni bolivia,salt desert

This salt desert has an area of ​​about 10,582 square kilometers. Apparently Salar de Uyuni is part of Michin Lake, a large lake in prehistoric times. Then Michin lake dried up and left the Salar de Uyuni.
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0 Tsingy, The World's Widest Stone Forest!

tsingy,tsingy stone forest,stone forest

Forest with lush green trees may have sound normal to you. But in the western part of Madagascar, there are forests with towering rocks like a tree. In fact, this stone forest so that the widest in the world. Imagine you were around sharp rocks sticking up as high as almost 70 feet into the air. When viewed from above, it looks like a rock solid pine trees. If from the bottom, it's like being in the woods in the roofless cave, as quoted by the BBC Travel.

Stone Forest is named Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Forest, but is also known as the Stone Forest Maze. Tsingy, the short name, derived from the Aboriginal word meaning 'no one who can walk with bare feet here'. In the forest with an area of ​​approximately 666 square kilometers, spread karst rocks that have been hammered time and nature.
tsingy,tsingy stone forest,stone forest

According to some researchers, pointy rocks come from raindrops forest flushed it for hundreds and even thousands of years. In 1990, the forest is entered in one of the UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. Chosen for its unique panorama, exceptional geography, mangrove forests are protected and endemic fauna is very interesting.

Almost all of the end of the karst rocks are very sharp. If you want to see the wriggling animal life in the Tsingy, you can peek at least 10 feet from the top of the rock. There are two ways to explore this exotic woods such as from above or from below. Before you venture out, make sure you already have a comprehensive safety equipment and operating properly.
tsingy,tsingy stone forest,stone forest
From the top, you can climb the rock ends as if climbing a cliff. Be careful, the rocks are very pointy and certainly sharp. Do not let slip if do not want fatally injured. There are also other ways that explore out from under. This means you get down to the forest and browse through rock crevices.

There is a huge gap there is also a small. Here live some endemic species are funny and dangerous. One of the most famous animals here are white lemur. Lemur is a type of long-tailed primates and have the ability to jump that far, almost the same as footpads.
tsingy,tsingy stone forest,stone forest
This white Lemur likes perched atop the rocks. From a distance, these animals will easily attract the attention of all travelers. Besides lemurs, mongoose still there, 45 species of reptiles, and hundreds of bird species also live in this area.
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0 The Boot Hotel, Feel the Sensation of Stay in the Boots!

All traveler would want comfort while staying overnight in a hotel. But at The Boot, a hotel in New Zealand, instead of rooms, you even invited to sleep in the boot.

Relax, this is not a real boots. The Boot is a hotel that offers you to stay in the room in the form of boots, as TravelOc see from the official website. Its location is in Tasman Bay, Nelson, New Zealand.

Although it looks like a giant boots, room is still comfortable. From the outside, this boots are brown, similar to the color of the original boots. Of course, on the right and left there are several windows and a door.

Unfortunately, it only has one 'boots' or one room. So for those of you who want to book a room there, the reservation must be for at least a month before the planned stay. Understandably, this unique hotel is also a favorite for couples who want to honeymoon.

Rooms at The Boot is fairly far from the crowds. Once opened the door, the courtyard filled with beautiful gardens will welcome you. Imagine now that you're with a lover. Enjoying lunch together in the garden with colorful flowers. It must be very romantic.

At night, you can bring your lover to have dinner together at the park. The Boot will provide a set of dining table and a campfire near the room. There was no one else other than you and your lover here.

Enough used to the atmosphere at courtyard, now is the time to enjoy sleeping in the 'boot'. This room has two floors. On the ground floor there is a comfortable sofa facing the fireplace. More fun again, this room is also facilitated by a set of mini-bar complete with drink.

Up to the second floor, you have to climb the spiral staircase. The top floor is just for the bedroom. The bed is shaped plush bed, like a king and queen in the palace. No one will disturb your night with a lover here.

In the morning, still on the second floor, you can enjoy the sunrise from the balcony rooms immediately. Views of Tasman Bay that is not blocked by anything from here you can enjoy.

How? Already imagined the fun to stay at The Boot? To be able to feel pleasure, you have to pay 300 NZD or approximately $ 230. If you stay more than two nights, there was 10% as well. Fun!
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0 Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, The Worst Hotel in the World!

A hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, even proud to have many quirky rules. One of them is to have guests use curtains as a towel! Not only that, the worst hotel in the world still have a lot of other crazy rules.

Vacation in Amsterdam, Netherlands, you should carefully choose the inn, especially Hans Brinker Budget Hotel. Cheap hotels at a cost of 18 euros per night this has eccentric ways, and even tend to slob, when entertaining guests.

While other hotels scramble to maintain the title as the best hotel, Hans Brinker Budget Hotel gave a worst treatment to the traveler who spent the night there. Traveler that most students will feel like to sleep in prison is dirty, smelly, and cold.

Even on the official website of Hans Brinker Budget Hotel as seen by TravelOc, they wrote "Those wishing to stay at the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Amsterdam, do so at their own risk and will not hold the hotel liable for food poisoning, mental breakdowns, terminal illness, lost limbs, radiation poisoning, certain diseases associated with the 18th century, plague, etc ". The sentence explains that tourists should bear the risk and the hotel will not be responsible for food poisoning, mental disorders, diseases, and others. Oh my god!

One of the worst, when the hotel replacing towels with curtains, washing cost saving reasons. Just imagine, they will not hesitate to tell visitors of the hotel, to dry off using curtains in their rooms.

From the official website, over the past 40 years of existence, it always offers a level of comfort comparable to prison. The rooms were dirty, no hot water, no television, underground bar with a very limited light, and skimpy fresh air. Interestingly, the hotel is actually proud of the predicate.

Cheap prices offered by the hotel aims to reduce the protests of the guests with the convenience of a very bad hotel. But it turns out, is not all that bad in this hotel.

Instead of using the elevator, visitors can use the stairs. Quite right, exercising at the same time. The hotel is also still attract the attention of visitors. The proof is there of 511 rooms, approximately 127 rooms are always full every day. Wow!
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0 5 Hotel Rooms with the Most Unusual Sights in the World!

Hotels getting creative to find ways to attract the tourists. The view from the room window which is unusual even recognized as a powerful magnet arrival of the guests. Here are 5 hotels with the weirdest sights in the world.

Imagine you wake up and see the stingrays were swimming outside the window of your room, or even see the legs of people who are passing by the window. Be seen from the Telegraph, this 5 hotels with rooms that have the most unusual sights in the world:

1. Sentosa Resort
Singapore has always had a creative idea to bring in the tourists. Not quite the sparkling city abundant attractive activities, Singapore now has hotel rooms with a view of the sea style. Sentosa Island does have abundant tourist destinations, one of which is a hotel room with a unique panorama.
sentosa resort,sentosa resort singapore,singapore hotel,sentosa resort hotel

Not only in the window, you can also see a variety of marine life from another room that has a window. 11 rooms are indeed themed Ocean Suites. These rooms are not in the sea but are connected with a large aquarium that offers views as under the sea. The hotel recently opened in November 2012.

2. Giraffe Manor Hotel
Kenya in Africa is indeed a terrain filled with exotic animals. Not waste the gift, a hotel makes interesting concept to include one of the animals is the giraffe. Giraffe Manor Hotel in Kenya are private lands that maintain a giraffe.
giraffe manor,giraffe manor hotel,giraffe manor hotel kenya

So do not freak if you see giraffes relax around the hotel courtyard. Or even, giraffe peeking your room and your dining room. For the traveler animal lovers, here is the perfect place to stay. Who does not passionately sweet giraffe peek while getting out of bed?

3. Kakslauttanen Hotel
Finland has a magical natural attractions and fascinating, the northern lights and the aurora. Stay at Kakslauttanen Hotel, then you can see it all from the bedroom.
Kakslauttanen Hotel,Kakslauttanen Hotel finland

Do not think you will enjoy the panoramic view through the window. Because the glass-roofed room here. So get ready dazzled with beautiful views of the night sky in Finland. Sleep will be activities that are too vain to do while staying here.

4. Capsule Hotel
Japan became one of the most intelligent in the deal space. One commonly found in the Sakura State is the Capsule Hotel. This hotel can be found in almost every place in Japan, either open or closed area.
capsule hotel,capsule hotel japan

The hotel provides only a small hallway which is a bed. If you are caught in a capsule under the mattress, then the view is waking distance of people who are coming and going. Unique landscape which is also strange is not a problem because the cost of staying here is pretty cheap.

5. Jumbo Stay Hotel
Not all unused stuff will be garbage. In Stockholm, Sweden, there is a plane used as a hotel. There are private rooms and dormitory here. If you want the maximum, you can stay in the cockpit.
jumbo stay hotel,jumbo stay hotel sweeden,jumbo stay hotel stockholm,stockholm airport

Stay at Jumbo Stay Hotel of course will have a different experience than staying at a regular hotel. How not, the view presented from the window of a hotel room is the aircraft runway strip. Do not be surprised if you hear the noise of the planes coming and going. Since the hotel is located at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.
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