Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!

Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!

The Boot Hotel, Feel the Sensation of Stay in the Boots!

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All traveler would want comfort while staying overnight in a hotel. But at The Boot, a hotel in New Zealand, instead of rooms, you even invited to sleep in the boot.

Relax, this is not a real boots. The Boot is a hotel that offers you to stay in the room in the form of boots, as TravelOc see from the official website. Its location is in Tasman Bay, Nelson, New Zealand.

Although it looks like a giant boots, room is still comfortable. From the outside, this boots are brown, similar to the color of the original boots. Of course, on the right and left there are several windows and a door.

Unfortunately, it only has one 'boots' or one room. So for those of you who want to book a room there, the reservation must be for at least a month before the planned stay. Understandably, this unique hotel is also a favorite for couples who want to honeymoon.

Rooms at The Boot is fairly far from the crowds. Once opened the door, the courtyard filled with beautiful gardens will welcome you. Imagine now that you're with a lover. Enjoying lunch together in the garden with colorful flowers. It must be very romantic.

At night, you can bring your lover to have dinner together at the park. The Boot will provide a set of dining table and a campfire near the room. There was no one else other than you and your lover here.

Enough used to the atmosphere at courtyard, now is the time to enjoy sleeping in the 'boot'. This room has two floors. On the ground floor there is a comfortable sofa facing the fireplace. More fun again, this room is also facilitated by a set of mini-bar complete with drink.

Up to the second floor, you have to climb the spiral staircase. The top floor is just for the bedroom. The bed is shaped plush bed, like a king and queen in the palace. No one will disturb your night with a lover here.

In the morning, still on the second floor, you can enjoy the sunrise from the balcony rooms immediately. Views of Tasman Bay that is not blocked by anything from here you can enjoy.

How? Already imagined the fun to stay at The Boot? To be able to feel pleasure, you have to pay 300 NZD or approximately $ 230. If you stay more than two nights, there was 10% as well. Fun!

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