Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!

Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!

6 Travel Destinations to Meet Zombies!

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Here it is the new destination for you lovers of horror tour or the adrenaline rush of a hobby, called touring style zombies. Here, tourists can visit places which became the headquarters of the zombies!

Who does not cringe in seclusion and surrounded by a lot of people like a zombie, complete with fluids like blood on their face. But for lovers of horror tour, maybe this is one of the favorite destinations. If you are a lover of this type, might have to try one of the zombie-style destinations in the world.

Peek of the Lonely Planet, here are 6 destinations that lets you meet a zombie :

1. Zombie Camp, Portland, Oregon, USA
This is a camp that is quite unique and may not be found anywhere else, because here you will be invited into the cubical zombies. Tourists who come to be taught how to kill a zombie, such as how to properly throw a hatchet, cutting with a samurai sword, make fire without smoke, and camouflage desert as a place of refuge. Exciting is not it?
zombie camp,zombie camp portland

2. Zombie Museum, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA
Zombie Museum? Might sound odd to you, but it's there in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA. Monroeville Mall is being touted as the undead's museum.
monroeville zombie,zombie museum,monroeville mall

Apparently, once this place is the location filming a zombie most phenomenal Dawn of the Dead in 1978. Now, the Monroeville Mall transformed into a museum exhibiting nuanced zombie stuff, such as imitation foot decaying, faceless eyeballs, and other spooky collection.

3. Patient 0, Melbourne, Australia
Third place is to meet zombies Patient 0 in Melbourne, Australia. This is a live-action show that will feature the actors as zombies. With a set like an old factory, they will hide in the walls of the factory, and holding a laser gun to shoot every man that comes. BANG!
patient 0,patient 0 melbourne,patient 0 melbourne 2012

4. Zombie Shopping Mall, Reading, UK
It seems that zombies are almost ruled the world. After the U.S. and Australia, this time turn the British occupied the undead. Zombie Shopping Mall is the gathering place of the zombies in the UK.
zombie shopping mall,zombie shopping mall reading

Zombie Shopping Mall is a shopping center that is not used anymore, then in settings as a tourist. more exciting again, the tourists who come are invited to shoot zombies in the dark mall. Well, if you want to join this tour, tourists have to pay 139 pounds.

5. Zombie Week, Stockholm, Sweden
No need to wait for Halloween to see zombies, in Stockholm, Sweden, you can see a lot of zombies filled the street on Zombie Week. This is a routine event when summer comes, exactly the end of August.
zombie week,zombie week sweeden,zombie week stockholm

At that time, hundreds or even thousands of people thronged the streets will zombie style in Stockholm, complete with attributes. All of it is wear clothes and dress up spooky style zombies. So, do not be surprised if suddenly you see thousands of people walking with head, mouth, and eyes that secrete fluids such as blood.

6. World Zombie Day, Worldwide
After Zombie Week, there are still other times to the zombies out of hiding, when the World Zombie Day. Unique indeed, was not the only man who had a worldwide celebration, but also a zombie.
world zombie day,zombie day,world zombie day 2012

This celebration is done throughout the world on the second Sunday in October. Just like Zombie Week, then there will be many zombies are out meets the road complete with blood splattered on their body. Occasionally they will show sinister expression to every passerby. But you do not worry, they are not real zombies, but people who like zombie style.

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