Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!

Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!

7 Tourist Destination to Cool Off at the End of the World!

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When problems are too piled up, it was not enough just to end of the island getaway. Nothing wrong if you want a vacation as much as possible when stress hit. This is the 7 appropriate destination to cool off at the end of the world.

Dreamed of a vacation in the mountains of ice or even in the middle of an arid savanna. No harm. All is fine as long as you eliminate excess stress and restore calm yourself. Compiled by TravelOc, following 7 places to calm down away from the residence:

1. Switzerland
Enjoy the mountain snow with low temperatures can be a powerful way to cool the head. In Engelberg, Switzerland, there is Mount Titlis serving eternal snow. No matter what the season, the snow will remain blanketed the mountain. Skiing and feel the snow hit your body can be a potent stress medication.

If you are too lazy activism such as skiing, you can enjoy the view of snow mountain in the cable car. Fill vacation days to enjoy the tranquility of Luzern City. The town is located on the shores of the lake offer views that can make you forget all the problems.

Leisurely stroll or bike ride around the city can be a fun activity too calm. As one of the prettiest towns in Switzerland, Luzern has a seductive flagship green panorama. The magnificent Lake Lucerne often swim the tourists who want to taste the freshness of the water.

2. Norway
Want to enjoy the heavens dance? Norway responsibilities. One Scandinavian country has natural attractions and magical. It is borealis aurora or commonly referred to as the Light of the North. Colorful light in the sky makes it like a giant curtain is very beautiful.
borealis aurora,aurora,norway,aurora norway

In Norway, the best time to view the aurora in the late autumn and early spring, as quoted from Visit Norway. The best place to see this amazing phenomenon in northern Norway. Plains in northern Norway are mostly very cold and full of ice and snow. The air tends to be low are usually able to cool the contents of the head that is heating up. Spend the holidays to pursue aurora that far northern end of the earth and return home feeling satisfied.

3. Namibia
The African continent has so many safari that holds the enchanting habitat. Namibia became one country that has a well-equipped accommodation for the traveler who wants to experience life in a nature safari, away from everywhere. From the African Safari Home, available a variety of vacation packages that can help relieve your stress.
namibia,namibia savanna,namibia nature reserve

Staying at the resort is in the middle of safari or on the beach can be your choice. A variety of lodging is also available, so a small vacation budget is not the problem. Enjoy wildlife animals there undisturbed vehicle noise, or it could be a healer stress.

Mundulea Nature Reserve is one of the best safari that can be visited in Namibia. Enjoy a flock of passing or cruising ground decorated with red bushes while aiming the camera to herd animals.

4. Bora-bora
Bora-bora be the perfect place for those who want to cool off on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The island is still part of French Polynesia has a very beautiful waters.
bora-bora,bora,bora-bora island,french polynesia

The main island at the center of the resort and lodging. Even in the middle of the ocean, sea currents around the resort is not dangerous because there are islands around it that looks like a wall. Spending time in the sunshine while relaxing swim in its waters could be the perfect way relieve stress. The inn is located on the water also offers a quiet atmosphere at night. This is where you are at peace with nature and throw all the load is on your mind.

5. Canada
Canada is the largest country in North America and among the largest in the world, due to its natural stretches up to the North Pole. Have some metropolis city does not make Canada lost the wild destination, which can help relieve stress. If you want to calm down, been to Quebec be the right choice.

Quebec City is known as the old city that has buildings with stunning architecture. Winter Festival here always attracts many tourists. If you're curious, you can come there and fused with fun festival.
canada,quebec city canada,quebec

Toronto being the right destination for you who really want to release stress in a big city. It is the largest city in Canada. The city became the center of entertainment, business, economics and culture. Even so, Toronto also has many wonderful museums, beautiful beaches and exciting theme parks.

6. New Zealand
Remember the movie Lord of the Ring that filming in New Zealand? Hobbit village in the film was very beautiful and full of stunning natural curves. Dense forest rich in flora and fauna. City of Hamilton to be the right destination for those who want to cool off by enjoying the river.

Meanwhile, Rotorua is a city that is right for you who want to soak in a natural hot spring pools. Glad wine tour? Come to the city of Napier. There is famous for its wine-producing center. Nelson is a city that has the longest daylight than other cities. Mountains, national parks, vineyards and orchids so some destinations you can go in Nelson.
new zealand,lake matheson,lake matheson nelson city,nelson town,nelson new zealand

For the traveler who likes to release stress by challenging adrenaline, can come to Queenstown. Here the central destination that can make you shout off like ski, skydive, bungee jumping, and more.

According to the study, chocolate can be a stress remedy. Take a vacation to Dunedin, the city could be right for you because it has a chocolate factory you can go. Enjoy a holiday in a remote place but beautiful like Lord of The Ring world.

7. Nepal
This is the country that has the world's 10 highest peaks. Nepal located in South Asia is in the middle of Tibet and India. Most tourists who come here because they want to climb the highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest.
mount everest nepal,mount everest,highest mountain in the world

But that does not mean you can not enjoy Nepal if is not go up the mountain. Come to the Kathmandu Valley. Herein lies the heart of Nepal. Diverse cultures, both indigenous cultures and mixing present here. Here also gathered important cities like Kathmandu, Boudhanath, Patan and Bhaktapur.

Kathmandu became a city must visit for all tourists. While Boudhanath is a complex area that has the largest Buddhist stupa in the world. Patan is the largest city in Nepal, which became the center of jewelry, Buddha statues and unique masks. Choose the city that fits in your heart and heal stress and explore the city while dive into the social life there. 

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