Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!

Discover a unique and attractive tourist locations for you and your family!

The Castro, Naked Area in the City!

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 There is usually a bare area on the beach. But the tourists who go to San Francisco, United States, can be found naked area is in the city center. The Castro made ​​the residents, tourists, and the nudist mingle.

Not a few of the tourists are traveling in search of freedom, including free to not wear clothes. If the beach is usually their goal to not dress, but in San Francisco, California, USA, travelers can naked in the city.

Here there is a district called The Castro has a special area to appear innocent. Some of them are shirtless, some are even coming there totally naked, as seen from the site Sfist.

Indeed, some of those who come here for is the male nude. Therefore The Castro is the gay neighborhood of the most famous in America. The predominantly gay men used to gather with friends or even a group in an area of the district.

They used to gather in the Castro Plaza or Market Street. Two of the region is the most visited by tourists. So, when traveling here, you should not be surprised, because that is the habit of the people who come to The Castro.

Nudist men, some women are also even without clothes, usually just hang out at some point. They seemed to be chatting with other friends who are also equally plain. There again the tourists who seem to walk around without clothes on the sidewalk. Some of them admitted that they did not dress was not because they want to show off parts of their body, but just simply bask in the sun.

Finally, The Castro is now in the debate. The government plans to make San Francisco's ban on naked in the city.
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This rule states that any person over the age of 5 years should not be showing parts of her body excessively. Part of the body including the genitals, buttocks, and other parts that should not be shown in public. This prohibition applies on public transportation, roadways, curb, street, and included in the plaza or square.

This rule does not mess around, because there are penalties for those who break them. For people who are nude in public must pay a minimum fine of $ 100 and a maximum of USD 483 as well as confinement of 1 year in prison.

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